From the north. Heading south.

Motimate is a spin-off from Hyper – one of Norway’s leading digital agencies for nearly 20 years. It is the result of more than 10 years of working with some of Scandinavian largest companies in improving their internal communication, increasing their sales and refining their employee training. 

After creating a lot of different campaigns, projects and solutions for our clients, we clearly saw the effect this had on the results. But we also saw that all the customized solutions had a low cost efficiency for our clients.

The breaktrough

The breakthrough came with a concept we created for REMA1000 – one of the leading grocery store chains in Norway and Denmark with more than 22.000 employees.

In a big retail chain with a lot of young employees the staff turnover is significant. REMA1000 needs new employees to understand their vision, concept, values and beliefs fast and easy.

How could we get every store and every employee to focus on best practices? How could we make sure that every staff member was up to date on product knowledge? How could we improve every single client meeting?

How could we get every store and every employee to focus on best practices?

Our answer was a mobile optimized solution called “#KLHD Training portal”. It quickly became a huge success giving us a lot of awards, but more importantly, it helped REMA1000 keep their position in the market and improve their results.

The word spread

Short after the launch of #KLHD, we were approached by Gsport/Intersport – one of Norway’s –and Europe’s – largest sport chains. They wanted a similar success as REMA1000. Working with Gsport/Intersport we soon saw an additional challenge: In a market driven by weekly campaigns, we needed to quickly reach out to every single employee in a structured and inspiring way. Preparing them to know exactly what the customer wants when entering the store, helping them find the right product and knowing every additional upsell product to suggest. We developed “Gfaktor/DinPers” with an additional feature called “Campaign ready”.

The result was remarkable: A 62% increase of sales on upsell products and a 154% increase on recommended products.

Going into fashion

Once again we received awards and attention for the great results and innovative solutions. And once again a new organization approached us. This time it was the Varner Group. Varner Group has stores in more than 10 European countries and includes more than 10 renowned brands such as Cubus, Dressmann, BikBok, Carlings and Volt. Varner Group wanted to strengthen their internal business culture, increase sales, train their staff and simplify everyday work life. We developed and launched our concept MyChain. MyChain is a mobile app for iOS and Android that now has more than 10.000 users all over Europe. In one year MyChain has become a vital part of Europe’s largest fashion brands. The average use of MyChain is around 90% on a daily and weekly basis spread over the 10 different brands.

Varner Group was awarded the number one fashion retailer in Norway 2016, and this is what Siri Nordby - head of digital said about how they did it.

With a new digital communication tool, all employees, whatever their role, can keep up to date on what’s happening in the group, whether it’s campaigns, news, or other important information. All employees should feel confident in their knowledge when they get to work. Because it is the employees who meet customers every day that determine the customer experience. Seeing customer needs and wishes is an art our employees should master. “
— Siri Nordby, Head of Digital Dressmann

motimate™ is born

After more than 10 years of testing, developing, improving and learning we knew that every organization we met was struggling with the same daily challenges. So we decided to go all in and separated motimate™ from Hyper. In 2017 the founders of Hyper went from running and building one of Norway’s most successful digital agencies to launch a software start-up company. motimate™ now works perfectly in a lot of different industries such as retail, transport, travel, childcare, sales and more.


In addition, when you can tick off increased sales, greater involvement and more satisfied employees on the list, yes, I’m not afraid to say that Motimate is something most companies out there should consider.
— Morten Efraimsen Andersen, Storycraft

The founders of Motimate, Rolf Risnes and Lars-Petter Windelstad Kjos have built up a number of companies over the past 15 years. Motimate is the sum of all the knowledge and experience they have gained over the years in technology, communication and digital learning.

Want to know more about motimate™ and how we can help your business?