motimate™ is an award winning SAAS-solution making internal communication and corporate training fun and easy.

Motimate was launched in 2017 and is the result of working with some of Scandinavia's leading companies and organizations for more than 15 years. Strengthening internal culture, simplifying everyday work life, improving internal communication and training employees is critical for companies and organizations. Motimate has won several awards and has proven business impact.

The company has currently over 50 large enterprise customers with nearly 50,000 users in 10 countries in Europe. The customer list includes companies such as DNB, Varner, 7eleven, Narvesen, Jernia, Telia, AF Gruppen, BI and Atea.

Why Motimate?

The corporate training market is about to be disrupted. 

Companies are starting to move away from their Learning Management Systems (LMS). Companies invest in new tools for digital learning, and rebuild a whole new infrastructure to help employees learn. And not just how we learn also how we interact is changing fast with the emerge of tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Workplace.

The Human Capital Trends by Deloitte did a research among 700-plus business and HR professionals, corporate L&D and they received a net-promoter score of -8. This is about as low as it can go.

Motimate is an intuitive and fun solution that makes information sharing and training more fun than “old-fashioned” e-learning
— Per Henriksen Dingsør, HR and Communications Director, Jernia.

Why the unhappiness? 

Quite simply because it's so easy to find instructional content on the internet (YouTube,, Coursera, Udacity, Udemy, the list goes on and on) yet inside of companies the options are very poor. In Motimate you can easily build courses combining your own content and external content from sources like YouTube, Ted, Vimeo, SoundCloud or Spotify.

The primary reason? 

Most corporate learning environments are built around an older corporate LMS, that only really manages compliance and formal training well.

The corporate L&D market has been through wrenching change over the last decade. In only 15 years we've come from long, page-turning courses to a wide variety of videos, small micro-learning experiences, mobile apps, and intelligent, adaptive learning platforms. Motimate is a SaaS solution and we are ever developing new features based on feedback from our users and customers.

Motimate has a very intuitive and appealing interface and continually gets new functionality to give a better user experience. Here, Motimate is in a class of its own.

— Siri Langangen, SVP Learning & Development in DNB

We live longer longer and our jobs are changing faster than ever. If we can't look things up, learn quickly, and find a way to develop new skills at work, most of us would prefer to change jobs, rather than stay in a company that doesn't let us reinvent ourselves over time.

Will Motimate work in your company?

Motimate is all about:

  • Engage employees in learning and development

  • Build strong business cultures

  • Improve internal communication

  • Digitize the workflow in your company

Motimate works perfect almost any industry and we have more than 50 large enterprise companies with sectors like retail, finance, technology, construction, public sector, telecom and schools.

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Learn from companies using Motimate today

We have talked with some of the companies using Motimate. You can read how they have improved how they communicate, build culture and make learning fun and engaging. Get to know more from companies like DNB, Jernia, Telia, Atea, Døgnvill and more.

Motimate Pulse


Pulse is a catalyst for effective internal communication. It will make your everyday life at work easier and help you build a strong culture in your organization.

Using Motimate Pulse employees can share successes, seek knowledge and learn from each other. It will make it easy for you to stay in touch with everything going on - either in your department, your store, or the organization in general.

Pulse solves the challenge of reaching out to each individual employee. Whether you need to change on-call duty or want to create enthusiasm about a specific matter - using groups you can easily communicate with departments, regions, stores, or the whole organization. This way you will actively be a part of your own corporate culture.

With Motimate we get better pep talks before the customer meeting

— Tore Kvernmo, Salgssjef Telia Bedrift

It’s all about getting things done. Priorities changes fast, and different departments often need employees to execute the same specific task. Pulse helps the organization, the department manager and the employee to prioritize and get things done. Every day. All the time.

Motimate Training


Training is a motivating and effective mobile e-learning plattform for making your employees even better. It's all about making corporate training and increasing knowledge easy, accessible and motivating.

In the busy everyday life, availability is essential when it comes to employee training. Motimate Training makes sure your employees always have what it takes to perform optimally – easily accessible right on their smartphone. Challenge yourself and your colleagues, and find training to provide you with the knowledge you need.

Motimate has simply made training more fun!
— Nathalie Rogne, Opplæring i Personmarked, DNB

It’s an unquestionable advantage to always be prepared at work. Relevant and engaging content, practical information and training tasks is easily available through Motimate Training. That means a faster introduction for all new employees, and a professional refill for the more experienced ones. You can easily make your own courses and delegate tasks to colleagues and associates. Follow ups and evaluation will be a natural part of the training program.

Reaching out is super easy. With Motimate you can easily make interesting and engaging content and reach out to every single employee with just a click.

With our built in LMS you can easily track learning progress and completions and export to Excel with a click.