Q: Our company has a lot of seasonal workers, can they use Motimate and how does that affect the price?

A: You only pay for the users you import in the system and you are billed every month. This means that you only will pay for your seasonal workes during the season. You may deactivate them and reactivate them the next season if you like.

Q: Does our users have to be employed in our company, or is it possible to give access to the app to freelancers, customers, suppliers?

A: Yes, you can easily add users to Motimate that are not employed in your company.

Q: How do I manage users in Motimate?

A: There are three different ways to import users. You can add a user manually. You can import users from an Excel file or you can integrate with you existing master data source such as a HR-system.

Q: How can I organize users?

A: Users can belong in one or several differant groups and regions and can have different positions.

Q: How do I invite users to Motimate?

A: You can invite users automatically or manually by SMS invitations built into the system.