Motimate is a motivating and effective mobile solution for making your employees even better. It's all about making training and increasing knowledge easy, accessible and motivating.


In the busy everyday life, availability is essential when it comes to employee training. Motimate makes sure your employees always have what it takes to perform optimally – easy accessible right on their smartphone. Challenge yourself and your colleagues, and find training to provide you with the knowledge you need.

“If we can’t look things up, learn quickly, and find a way to develop new skills at work, most of us would prefer to change jobs, rather than stay in a company that doesn’t let us reinvent ourselves over time.

— Josh Bersin ,

It’s an unquestionable advantage to always be prepared at work. Relevant and engaging content, practical information and training tasks is easily available through Motimate. That means a faster introduction for all new employees, and a professional refill for the more experienced ones. You can easily make your own courses and delegate tasks to colleagues and associates. Follow ups and evaluation will be a natural part of the training program.

With Motimate we get better pep talk before the customer meeting
— Tore Kvernmo, Salgssjef Telia Bedrift

Reaching out is super easy. With Motimate you can easily make interesting and engaging content and reach out to every single employee with just a click.

Building new training is super easy

In Motimate Training, we have everything from basic knowledge about our tools to things that are tailored to the role you are in now or a role you see for you in the future. This is set up to be much more fun and more flexible than other e learning platforms. You have the mobile with you everywhere, and the content is meant to stimulate curiosity, so this is something you want to get on, whether at work, at home or on your way to and from work.
— Solveig Hellebust, EVP People & Operations i DNB.

Motimate is also a catalyst for effective internal communication. It will make your everyday life at work easier and help you build a strong culture in your organization.

Using Motimate employees can share successes, seek knowledge and learn from each other. It will make it easy for you to stay in touch with everything going on - either in your department, your store, or the organization in general.

Motimate appeals to the positive competition instinct with us
— Jon Christian Hillestad, Direktør Telia Bedrift

Motimate solves the challenge of reaching out to each individual employee. Whether you need to change on-call duty or want to create enthusiasm about a specific matter - using groups you can easily communicate with departments, regions, stores, or the whole organization. This way you will actively be a part of your own corporate culture.

Motimate has simply made training more fun
— Nathalie Rogne, Opplæring i Personmarked, DNB

It’s all about getting things done. Priorities changes fast, and different departments often need employees to execute the same specific task. Pulse helps the organization, the department manager and the employee to prioritize right and get things done. Every day. All the time

Feature overview

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