We would love to help you

If you have a problem. We have a problem. Therefore we will do our outmost to solve your problem as soon as possible. And remember that we love users who find and report bugs. Because we do hate bugs, but we love our users.

For technical issues or customer support, please contact us at support@motimateapp.com. Our support hours are Monday - Friday between 08:00 - 16:00. Our response time is normally a few hours but within 48 hours (2 workdays) at the latest.

Note. Questions related to user access or group associations are always managed by the organization admin in your company and should be directed towards the organization admin. Note that if you are a contact person for your company you have a contact person in Motimate that will help you as soon as possible

System updates and maintenance that require downtime or reduced availability between 08.00- 16.00 will be notified by e-mail in advance to the update. Outside this time frame customers will be notified if downtime exceeds 2 hours.

Motimate do not operate with guaranteed uptime, but is normally accessible 24 hours all days. Registered uptime over the last six months is currently on 99.99%. Downtime during the same period is 27 minutes in total.

We experience very good follow-up from Motimate’s advisors from the very first point of contact. This gives a sense of security to all those who produce courses in Telia.
— Mads E. Larsen Head of Shops, Telia