Q: What is the Wall?

A: The Wall is the Company Wall where everyone as access and can post, share images and videos, comment and like.

Q: I want to publish a video on the wall, is that possible?

A: Yes you can publish a video up to 30 seconds long from the app.

Q: Can I delete a post that is inappropriate?

A: What is inappropriate will be determined by your company rules and guidelines. As an administrator you can manually remove posts from any user violating those rules and guidelines.

Q: What is a task?

A: A task is a response card containing a written task with or without images. A task always have a call to action that requires a response back to sender. A response can be one single response, a yes or no response or multiple responses. Each response have a text, an icon and a color.

Q: I have a lot of documents that I want to make accesible for the employees, is that possible?

A: Yes, in Pulse we have "Documents" where you can put pdf-documents in specific folders. You can choose to give access to these folders by groups or positions.