Our goal is to provide a world class solution for a low price with no hidden costs.

Motimate is a SAAS solution (Software as a Service) that means that you will no longer have to pay for product updates. We are improving the product continuously and push updates regulary.

An active user is a user that logs in once pr 3 mounth. You only pay a small cost per user per month. That's it. No hidden costs.

motimate™ Pulse                      17 NOK / Month

motimate™ Training                 25 NOK / Month

We charge a set up cost at 45 000 NOK
Operations and support are all included.

We dont lock you up. You can check out any time you like with just a 3 months of cancellation time.

Small enterprise edition (under 100 employees)

Motimate suits large as well as small companies. Therefor we have made a perfect soultion for all you up and coming companies.

Motimate Training: 3 000 NOK / MONTH

Motimate Pulse: 2 000 NOK / MONTH

We charge a set up cost at 10 000 NOK
Operations and support are all included.

Can it get any better? Sure it can. Check out our discount model.

Number of licenses Price Pulse / Training
0 - 2.500 17NOK / 25NOK
2.500 - 5000 16NOK / 24NOK
5.000 - 7.500 15NOK / 23NOK
7.500 - 10.000 14NOK / 22NOK
> 10.000 Separate deal

As a customer you can choose to sign for more than the 3 months notice period in order to get a discount.

Contract time Discount
3 months --
12 months 5%
24 months 10%
36 months 15%

For international clients please make contact to get the right prices in your local curency.