Motimate is growing fast.

With more than 15 years working with some of Scandinavias largest companies and organizations we now that manye companies need tools to help them with:

  • Engageing employees in learning and development

  • Building strong business cultures

  • Improving internal communication

  • Digitizing the workflow

Motimate was launched in 2017 and has currently over 50 large enterprise customers with nearly 50,000 users in 10 countries in Europe.

Learn from companies using Motimate today

We have talked with some of the companies using Motimate. You can read how they have improved how they communicate, build culture and make learning fun and engaging. Get to know more from companies like DNB, Jernia, Telia, Atea, Døgnvill and more.

Will Motimate work in your company?

Motimate works perfect almost any industry and we have more than 50 large enterprise companies with sectors like retail, finance, technology, construction, public sector, telecom and schools.

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