A motivating and effective mobile solution for making your employees even better.


Make training and increasing knowledge easy and motivating

In the busy everyday life, availability is essential when it comes to employee training. motimate™ training makes sure your employees always have what it takes to perform optimally – easy accessible in their pocket. Challenge yourself and your colleague, or find training to provide you with the knowledge you need.


Knowledgeable employees sell more

It’s an unquestionable advantage to always be prepared at work. Relevant and engaging content, practical information and training tasks is easily available through motimate™ training . That means a faster introduction for all new employees, and professional refill for the more experienced ones. You can easily make your own courses and delegate tasks to colleagues and associates. Follow ups and evaluation will be a natural part of the training program.


Is your chain of stores campaign ready?

To max out your advertising campaign, it’s crucial to get your staff “campaign ready”. motimate™ makes sure your staff have seen the commercial, the direct mails and the ads. They will know the most important products, the unique selling points and learn smart ways to achieve additional sales. And they will of course know how the items should be exposed in the store.


Content is king!

With motimate™ you can easily make interesting and engaging content. Onboarding of new employees will now become simple and automated, and you can make sure everyone knows the value chain and all the important systems. They will also know the store concept, and continuously practice product knowledge and customer encounter.