We're hiring - join the Motimate Team!

One company. One team. Seven different nationalities. Estonia, Slovenia, Polen, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Motimate is the result of more than 10 years of working with some of Scandinavia's largest companies on improving their internal communication, business culture and employee training.

How do we work?

  • 100% remote. We do all of our work online using services like GitHub, Slack and Google Hangouts. You can either work remotely or in our office in Oslo, Norway.

  • Fast development with a high focus on quality. We don't believe that you need to break things in order to move fast. We ship continuously and use tools like continuous integration and automated testing to keep both a high velocity and high quality.

  • High product focus. We work closely together with our customers to build features that we know will have a big impact on their day-to-day work. We also continuously gather feedback and data to inform our product decisions.

What can we offer you?

  • Working on an exciting new service that is disrupting the corporate training market.

  • Being part of a scale up that already has a solid foundation but with lots of room to grow.

  • Being an essential part of a fast-moving and friendly team.

  • We actively encourage our developers to share their work with the community, through open source, blog posts and speaking at conferences.

  • Lots of opportunities to learn from other developers and to work outside of your comfort zone. We love people who are eager to learn new technologies!

  • Lots of freedom and flexibility to work the way you prefer. Work either remotely or in our Oslo offices, up to you!

  • Option to be hired either as an employee or as a freelancer with a permanent contract.

  • Norwegian work conditions - 7.5 hour work day and 5 weeks of vacation per year.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people who are passionate, self-driven and love working with others in a team. Since we do all of our work online you can work remotely from anywhere in the EU/EEA (for contractual reasons we can't hire people from outside of Europe at the moment), or onsite at our office in Oslo, Norway.

Here's our currently open positions:

  • UX designer in Oslo, Norway

  • Front end developer / UX - Oslo, Norway

  • Front end developer / Full stack - remote or Oslo

  • Back end developer (Senior Ruby developer) - remote or Oslo, Norway

  • Customer relations and support - Oslo Norway

UX designer

We need a skilled and passionate UI/UX designer to join our agile, international, and fully remote team. You'll need to have experience in designing beautiful and user friendly interfaces for both iOS, Android and Web. We'd also like you to have experience in working closely with developers - and that you love that!

If you think and breathe user experience and get the kicks when you are designing a product that thousands of people use every day - then you'll be a perfect fit for our team.

We are looking for the following skills:

  • Team-player

  • User-oriented

  • Self-driven and creative

  • Structured and precise

  • Master of Sketch

  • Skilled in a prototyping tool of your choice

What you'll work on:

  • Designing new features for iOS, Android and Web

  • Designing new interfaces for editors and admin users

  • Designing insight- and reporting tools

  • Redesign our websites and improving our self-service solution

  • Evolve our design language used for everything from presentations to ads

Send us your best designs, apps or prototypes and a couple of references and let's take it from there.

Frontend web developer

We're hiring a two frontend web developers to work on two products: An online WYSIWYG-style editor that lets our customers create engaging training material, and the training UI part of our mobile apps. Both are implemented using React & Redux.

Required skills

  • Great experience with front end web development.

  • HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript (ECMAScript 2015+).

  • React & Redux.

  • Git version control and deploying client-side web applications.

  • Mobile web development and responsive design implementations.

  • UI development and able to take on simple design tasks.

Nice-to-have skills (not required)

  • Flowtype & TypeScript.

  • Stylus

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails (or any kind of backend development).

  • Doing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

  • Using automated testing such as unit tests and UI tests.

  • Native mobile app development for iOS or Android.

Backend web developer

We're hiring a backend web developer to work on your server-side systems and infrastructure. Our backend is built using Ruby on Rails and runs on Heroku.

Required skills

  • Great experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

  • Git version control and deploying server-side web applications.

  • Designing scalable backend systems and client-facing APIs.

  • Code review and discussing architectural solutions.

  • Doing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

  • Using automated testing such as unit tests and integration tests.

Nice-to-have skills (not required)

  • Building backend systems for large-scale products.

  • Front end web development (especially using React).

  • Using Travis CI, Heroku or Amazon S3.

  • Mobile app development for iOS or Android.

Kundekontakt og support

Vi søker en ny person som vil jobbe operativt med våre fantastiske kunder. Den vi søker er kundeorientert og liker å yte god service. Hverdagen vil være hektisk og variert. Du vil være en viktig person og vil jobbe med å omsette kundeinnsikt til ny funksjonalitet i Motimate. Du vil være en superbruker som vil jobbe tett med kundene i hverdagene.

Du må beherske norsk godt både muntlig og skriftlig da hovedvektene av din dialog vil være med norske kunder. I Motimate internt går all kommunikasjon på engelsk. Du må ha stor interesse for teknologi og ha teknisk kompetanse og erfaring - svært gjerne ha utviklerbakgrunn. Ditt arbeidssted vil være i Oslo men du vil ha stor fleksibilitet i din arbeidssituasjon og vi tilrettelegger for både fleksitid og hjemmekontor.

Jobben vil være delt inn i ulike oppgaver fordelt på:


Vår ambisjon er å ha den beste supportoppfølgingen. Vi skal sørge for at våre kunder blir sett og hørt og får løst sine utfordringer så raskt som mulig. Dine oppgaver vil være å:

  • Svare på supporthenvendelser

  • Verifisere meldinger om bugs og legge i Pivotal Tracker

  • Brukerimport

Et viktig steg for en ny kunde er å få på plass brukere i Motimate. Det er mange av våre kunder som trenger litt bistand og sparring på hvordan dette gjøres best. Din jobb vil være å:

  • Verifisere gruppestrukturer

  • Verifisere brukerinformasjon

  • Importere brukere i Motimate

  • Kundeassistanse

I en ny kunderelasjon er det viktig at kundene raskt føler seg trygg på løsningen og vi vet at tett oppfølging i starten gir suksess for kunden på sikt. Din jobb vil være å:

  • Hjelpe med oppsett av gruppestruktur

  • Gi generell innføring Motimate og spesielt Web Admin

  • Løse tekniske utfordringer/spml

  • Formidling til og fra kunder

Som kundekontakt og supportperson vil du være tett på kundene og få viktig innsikt som igjen bidrar til å utvikle Motimate som løsning. Vi søker derfor en person som er brennende opptatt av hva som kjennetegner en god digitalløsning og en som er god på identifisere brukerbehov. Din jobb vil være å:

  • Input til utvikling ut fra kundehenvendelser

  • Input til FAQ

  • Input til brukerdokumentasjon

  • Formidling av New features

  • Formidling av kjente bugs


To apply, send your CV and an introduction to yourself to jobs@motimateapp.com. Feel free to also contact us if you have any questions about the above positions or about Motimate as a company.

Please note that we're only able to hire people who live and work within the European Union/EEA (for contractual reasons we can't hire people from outside of Europe at the moment).

You can read more about our products and what we do on this website, specifically on the About section.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!