How to add text and photo

Motimate makes creating content fun and easy!

Let us show you just how easy it is to add text and photos to a course.

Step by step

Edit chapter

Click Edit chapter at the top right of the page.

01_Edit chapter.png

Choose text

Click the content block named Text.

02_Choose contentblock.png

Create a heading

Click Title to create a heading. Then click Add a text, and type until your keyboard runs warm..!

04_Paste text.png

Paste text from Word

If you want to paste a text you have already written, i.e in a Word document, you can choose wether to keep its original format or not.

04_Paste text.png

Edit text

Edit your text by using the text editing menu. Mark the text you wish to edit, and choose wether you want it to be bold, italic, og underscored. You can play around with emojis and adjust the text size, in addition to adding lists, and link to websites.

05_Edit text.png

Add a photo

To add a photo, click the Photo icon in the text editing menu.

There are two ways to upload a photo. 

  1. Drag’n’drop: Click on the photo you want to upload, then drag and drop it into the gray square on the screen.

  2. Click: Click the gray square on the screen to open your computer’s file library.

06_Add photo.png

Choose a photo from your computer’s file library

If you chose Click in the previous step: Mark a photo file on your computer by clicking on it once. Then click Open in the bottom right corner to upload your photo.

07_Choose from file.png

Edit photo

The Motimate Photo Editor will automatically appear when you upload a photo. Use the editor to adjust photo size, add text and emojis, play around with filters and so on. If you want to learn more about the possibilities within the Motimate Photo Editor, check out this tutorial.

08_Photo editor.png

Adjust photo placement

When the photo is uploaded, you can edit it’s placement, replace it or delete it.

09_Adjust placement.png

Remember to save the content by clicking Save in the upper right corner.


You have just created a content block in your course, consisting of text and a photo.

Easy peasy, right?