How to add a role play

A role play is a simulation of a dialogue with two (or more) participants acting out a given scenario. The participants receive information about their roles and the scenario in beforehand, and an observer is also present to take notes and give feedback after the role play ends.

Many organizations use role play as a way of training leaders and staff in communication skills related to work situations. Role play is a great method to use in leader training, sales training, training health personell in communicating with patients, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

We’ll show you just how easy it can be to create the backdrop for a fun and engaging training method!

Step by step

Add content

After you have created a course, it’s time to add the content for the role play. (Not sure how to create a course? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you!)

Access the different content blocks by clicking Edit chapter at the top right of the page.

Screenshot 08.png

Choose content block

Click the content block named Role play.

Screenshot 09.png

Add a title

Start by adding a title to your role play.

Screenshot 10.png

Upload a photo

Upload a photo by clicking the upload-icon.

Screenshot 11.png

Select photo

Choose a photo from the files library on your computer.

Screenshot 12.png

Edit photo

Use the Motimate Photo Editor to add filters, text, frames and so on. Play around and have fun with it!

(If you want to learn more about the possibilities within the Motimate Photo Editor, check out this tutorial.)

Screenshot 13.png

Add an introduction

Enter the basic role play information in the three following text boxes:

  1. A short description: Enter a short description about what the participants are expected to do.

  2. How to play: Enter a brief explanation of how to execute a role play. 

  3. Description of game rules: Enter a description of how the role play should be executed according to the guidelines of your organization.

Screenshot 14.png

Add a role card

To add roles to the role play, click the circular «1»-button at the bottom of the editing field. This adds the first role card.

Screenshot 15.png

Identify the role by name

Give the role a Role name. Notice that when you type something in this field, the first letter of the role name replaces the circular «1»-button on your role card to make it easier to identify the different roles in the role play.

Screenshot 16.png

Identify the role by color

Select a color from the palette to represent the role, making it even easier to identify the different roles in the role play later on.

Screenshot 17.png

Role background information

Now, enter some background information about the role.

Start by adding a title (it will display as a header), then add a short description - information relevant for the role card holder to know in order to act out his part in the role play scenario.

Screenshot 18.png

Add more background information

If you want to split the background information into different information blocks with separate headings, click the button marked + add new info, and a new information box will appear. Add as many information boxes as you need.

Screenshot 19.png

The evaluation bar

You can choose to enable an evaluation bar for each information box.

The evaluation bar is not visible in your editor-mode, but will appear in view-mode for the role play participants. Enabling the evaluation bar for an information box, indicates that the role performance during the role play can be evaluated on a scale from 1 to 10, by an observer participating in the role play.

Note: The evaluation is only meant to be used in real time, and will not be saved in the system.

Add more role cards

To add more role cards to the role play, click on the square + icon at the bottom of the site. You can add as many role cards as you need.

Screenshot 21.png

Delete a role card

If you change your mind, and want to delete a role card, click the trash can on the right side of the role’s name.


When you are finished adding all the role cards to the role play, you click the Save button at the top right of the page.

Preview and edit chapter

You will see a preview of the role play you just created, and can look through it by clicking Start case.

If you want to make changes to the role play, do so by clicking Edit chapter at the top right of the page.

Screenshot 24.png

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now let the role play begin!