Take online training to the next level. Go mobile.

Motimate Training

Training is a motivating and effective mobile learning solution. Motimate Training makes sure your employees always have what it takes to perform optimally – easily accessible right on their smartphone. Motimate has an up-to-date UI with an excellent authoring tool. This helps to lower the threshold to create content, as well as reduce the complexity of actually producing and distributing courses.

Motimate score very high on both usability, availability and stability. We experience very good follow-up from Motimate’s advisors from the very first point of contact. This gives a sense of security to all those who produce courses in Telia.
— Mads E. Larsen Head of Shops, Telia

Motimate Pulse 

Pulse is the perfect solution for non-desktop workers. Using Motimate Pulse employees can share successes, seek knowledge and learn from each other. It will make it easy for you to stay in touch with everything that’s going on - either in your department, your store, or in the organization in general.

Pulse solves the challenge of reaching out to each individual employee. Whether you need to change on-call duty or want to create enthusiasm about a specific matter - using groups you can easily communicate with departments, regions, stores, or the whole organization.

Staples Retail Norway AS has implemented Motimate Pulse for all its employees with good feedback from employees of all levels. Since the implementation weekly active users has been almost 80%. This makes communication easy to all associates, and sharing best practices through success stories to a new level.
— Sverre Holger Jensen, National Sales & Operations trainer at Staples