Case: Recover


Recover Nordic needed a two-way internal communication and a learning tool. Mobile first.

Recover Nordic is the Nordic region's leading company in the field of damage limitation with over 1800 employees and more than 40 years of experience. In their demanding day-to-day work with many challenging tasks, and where employees are constantly on assignment, learning and internal communication were a challenge.

Recover uses Motimate for their entire Nordic work force. We had a chat with Mariann Bech, HR Advisor in Recover Nordic, to find out what made them choose Motimate.

- We wanted a communication channel rather than the intranet solution we had. This to get a two-way communication for all employees, including those of our employees who only use mobile devices in their work.

In an everyday work life where employees most often are out on assignment, we totally agree that the mobile phone is preferable, so how do you actually use Motimate in everyday work life? 

- All employees have access to Motimate, where they are affiliated with their department, region, and the whole company. There are stories and beautiful pictures shared from everyday life. In addition, some use it more than others as a communication channel internally in their department, for instance to arrange ski trips, payroll and to ask who has a tool that is not in its place. The HR department announces internal messages, the Payroll Department reminds people of what’s important in connection to payroll registration, and the Market Department promotes competitions and informs employees about agreements that have been landed. The company has decided that all announcements and important messages will be posted in Motimate.

- We’ve got a great and simple solution with Motimate, where we publish small and large e-learning courses.
— Mariann Bech HR Advisor, Recover Nordic

We think you can say the Motimate has become the pulse of the company. How has Motimate improved your work when it comes to learning and internal communication?

 - We’ve got a great and simple solution with Motimate, where we publish small and large e-learning courses. These also work perfectly as manuals after completion, due to the possibility of splitting things up into chapters. It’s very easy to set up new courses, so the threshold to share knowledge is low.


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