Case: Jernia


How Jernia made a decision that turned out to be the right one.

Jernia is Norway's largest hardware store with 139 stores all over Norway. They are also big in online sales. With a wide variety of products - whether you need something for your kitchen, want to renovate your home, fix up the garden, or need some new tools - the employees become the key to success.

Jernia did an extensive job in finding a new work tool for their employees, and luckily for us, they ended up choosing Motimate. We are of course curious of what made Jernia choose Motimate. We had a chat with Per Henriksen Dingsør, who is the HR and Communications Director of Jernia.

- Jernia chose Motimate for several reasons. We conducted a comparison between several providers and what distinguished Motimate clearly from the other providers was the user friendliness. Motimate is an intuitive and fun solution that makes information sharing and training more fun than "old-fashioned" e-learning, says Per.

So how do you use Motimate in your workday?

- In Jernia we use Motimate every day. Regional leaders use it as a communication tool to reach out to all their store managers. Similarly, store managers can share information with their employees. We use Campaign Ready for every campaign we run in the stores. We regularly share information on J-Wall, and the regions share inspiring images when the store is ready for campaigns. We create weekly info in Training with important information, and we try to produce two product courses each week, with help from our suppliers and partners, Per continues.

Motimate is an intuitive and fun solution that makes information sharing and training more fun than “old-fashioned” e-learning.
— Per Henriksen Dingsør, HR and Communications Director, Jernia.

Two courses every week is impressive. What do you think is the biggest benefit of Motimate?

- The usage. We have between 70-75% weekly use among all employees, ranging from our CEO to part time workers. Motimate becomes our “word of mouth” that ensures execution power in all stores,  and that we are all living the brand when we meet our customers. Motimate helps build expertise, culture and also tolerance across regions and "silos". We dare to share more information, and we are confident that we will strengthen ourselves within the tough competition, concludes Per.


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