How Norway's largest online service uses Motimate for leadership development. And more to come. is Norway's largest website and is an online marketplace that provides various types of advertisements and services for both individuals and businesses. The company was established in March 2000 and has approximately 400 employees.

We took a chat with Sarah Gordon, who is People Operations Manager at Finn is perhaps one of Norway's best-known brands and a service that all Norwegians has a close relationship with.

Sarah, what was it that made you choose Motimate?

- FINN chose Motimate because it had the best user experience. In addition, it was easy to learn the system for admins. It is important for us that it has a low threshold for use, both for employees and administrators. In addition, we experienced the people behind Motimate as easy-going, and who continuously improve their product. In addition - extra cool to be able to support a Norwegian tech start up! :) - tells Sarah.

FINN is a company with 400 employees. We are curious about how they use Motimate in everyday life?

- Motimate is used for leadership development. It is used as a support tool for managers who participate in FINN's management development program. Everything from sharing information ahead of a course to sending out tasks to do between the meet-ups. In addition, we want the content we have in Motimate for our managers to be a useful and relevant reference book after completing courses, says Sarah, and continues:

- For us there is one very big advantage with Motimate - the ease of use! It is easy for our employees to read up on content, it is easily available both in the app and on the web. Motimate is a great tool to use as part of our management development program, says Sarah.

- For us there is one very big advantage with Motimate - the ease of use!
— Sarah Gordon, People Operations Manager,

You have now chosen to use Motimate for more than just leadership development. Can you say anything about that?

- Since we’ve had such good experiences using it in management development programs, we are working on expanding the use of Motimate at FINN. First off is to put our onboarding program for all new FINN employees in Motimate. Through Motimate we can make information easily accessible to new employees who have signed, but not yet started. There is a lot of new employees who have different questions in the beginning of their career in FINN, and we want to make better use of this window. Therefore, there is also a chapter here with "Everything you wonder about,  but dare not ask about" :) concludes Sarah with a smile.


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