Case: DNB


How DNB has made learning more fun, transparent, and available to 10,000 employees.

DNB is Norway's largest financial services group and one of the largest in the Nordic region in terms of market capitalisation. The company was founded back in 1822 and currently has more than 10,000 employees. The financial sector is in the midst of a major restructuring and banking services have changed radically in recent years, due to digitalization. Competence and adaptability will be crucial for further success. DNB has chosen Motimate as their learning platform.

We talked to Siri Langangen, SVP Learning & Development in DNB.

With such a large organization that was facing a big shift in the need for new competence, what was it that made you choose Motimate?

- There were four reasons why we chose Motimate, Siri says.

  1. User interface and accessibility. Motimate has a very nice and clear interface adapted to mobile devices that gives employees an easy overview of mandatory and recommended training in addition to the total training available.

  2. Personal. It is possible to adapt the learning content to different target groups so that the learning offer is perceived personally.

  3. Relevant learning content. It is easy for both internal employees and external consultants to create their own courses and learning packages that enable us to have a better and more relevant learning offer. Simple content production enables skilled professionals in all parts of the organization to easily share their expertise with anyone who is interested, and it takes less time to distribute learning content to employees than it traditionally has.

  4. Reports. It is easy to extract information about course participants and implementation per course.

DNB has created over 400 courses in Motimate, and in just over a year employees have completed more than 600,000 training courses in Motimate. We think this is incredibly impressive. How do you use Motimate in everyday work life?

- Motimate is our learning platform where all digital training is available. Here, all employees get access to all the new content that is published - everything from basic knowledge such as tools, assignments, values and guidelines - to formal training that is adapted to single roles, Siri explains.

Motimate has a very intuitive and appealing interface and continuously gets new functionality to give a better user experience. Here, Motimate is in a class of its own.
— Siri Langangen, SVP Learning & Development in DNB

There are many solutions on the market related to learning. What do you think is the biggest benefit of Motimate compared to other solutions?

- The biggest advantage of Motimate is its ease of use and its adaptability to mobile devices. Motimate has a very intuitive and appealing interface and continuously gets new functionality to give a better user experience. Here, Motimate is in a class of its own, Siri explains and continues:

- Motimate has made learning more fun, more transparent, and available - and we get very good feedback from our employees. This is also reflected in the activity level where approximately 95% of our employees have actively used Motimate and approximately 50% use Motimate on a monthly basis. Motimate has made it easier to reach all employees with the learning opportunities that exist in DNB, and made it easier to stay up to date for each employeel, Siri concludes.


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