Case: Atea


Atea explore digital nano-education with Motimate

Atea is the market leader in IT infrastructure for businesses and public-sector organizations in Europe’s Nordic and Baltic regions. In Norway they have 24 offices with more than 1700 employees. Atea offers a full range of hardware and software from the world’s top technology companies. This is why they say “We build the future with IT”


We asked Espen Sæle, Head of Culture and Development in Atea, why they chose Motimate as their learning platform.

- At Atea, we believe that the best learning outcome occurs when information is perceived as relevant and is received on the user's premises. Therefore, we were looking for a tool that gave the user the opportunity to learn when and where the employee wants, Espen says, and adds:

- For us, it is also important that knowledge sharing is demand-driven. Then it must be super easy to create and distribute courses.

Motimate is a great tool for nano-learning.
— Espen Sæle, Head of Culture and Development, Atea

Atea is a large company working at a high pase. Keeping up with rapid shifts in technology, services and client needs - how do they find time to learn new skills or learn about new products?

- Motimate is a great tool for nano-learning. The Ateans have access to mandatory and recommended courses. In addition they have a large library of all Atea courses, if they want to learn more about other disciplines or acquire new skills, Espen explains.

Atea has used Motimate for more than a year. We are curious on how Motimate has affected how the employees learn new skills.


- We find that Motimate has made learning more accessible for our employees. We often see that employees share with each other, for example "Have you taken the course related to this topic at Motimate?" Another thing that is fun is that many encourage each other to take a learning module in Motimate before they go ahead with a task: "Let's sit down together after you've taken the course".

- New digital opportunities, changing expectations and greater demands for effect mean that we explore our approach to development together with Motimate, we explore how digital nano-education gives us in Atea Norway an outlet for our #exploremindset. Learning when and where we want. Technology for people, Espen finishes.