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Internal communication and corporate training made fun and easy

Motimate is an award winning SaaS-solution that will simplify your workday through effective internal communication, strong cultural development, simplification of everyday tasks and engaging training.

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Our product vision

Our goal is to become the most engaging mobile platform for corporate training and internal communication world wide

Motimate was awarded Tech Entreprenur of The Year 2017

From the north. Heading south.

Motimate is the result of more than 10 years of working with some of Scandinavia's largest companies in improving their internal communication, increasing their sales and refining their employee training. Motimate is a SAAS solution that's a perfect fit for every company .

After more than 10 years of testing, developing, improving and learning we knew that every organization we met was struggling with the same daily challenges. So we decided to go all in and separated motimate™ from Hyper. In 2017 the founders of Hyper went from running and building one of Norway’s most successful digital agencies to launch a software start-up company. Motimate now works perfectly in a lot of different industries such as retail, transport, travel, childcare, sales and more.

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In Telia Shops we conducted ongoing evaluations with our store managers and retailers. Motimate scored very high on both usability, availability and stability.

We experience very good follow-up from Motimate’s advisors from the very first point of contact. This gives a sense of security to all those who produce courses in Telia.

— Mads E. Larsen Head of Shops, Telia