Internal communication and corporate training made fun and easy.


motimate™ will simplify your workday through effective internal communication, strong cultural development, simplification of everyday tasks and engaging mobile training.


Invest in knowledge

It’s an unquestionable advantage to always be prepared at work. Relevant and engaging training is easily available through Motimate. This means faster onboarding of new employees, and continuous refill for all employees. Make learning a part of your everyday workday.

Mobile e-learning made easy

Motimate increases engagement with gamification and you can easily make fun and engaging learning content. With our super ease to use WebEditor you can use templates to build outstanding learning courses using video, images, text, slides, quiz and more. No tech skills needed.  

Build team spirit

Team spirit is the core in every organization. In Motimate you and your colleagues can inspire, motivate, like and learn from each other. Reach out to each individual employee, either you need to change on-call duty or your management wants to create enthusiasm about a specific matter

Easier to get things done

Priorities changes fast, and we often need employees to execute specific tasks. Through Tasks you can easily delegate digital task cards with multiple answer alternatives to a colleague, your team or the whole organization.


Maximize marketing campaigns

To max out your advertising campaign let Motimate make sure your staff are prepared to meet the customers. They will get to know the unique selling points of each campaign product, and learn smart ways to achieve additional sales.

Mobile first

Motimate is build mobile first and over 90% of our users use their smart phone to learn, communicate and share. Learn from a podcast on your way to work, share a inspiring story during your lunch break, or watch a video in a quite moment at work.

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Availability is essential when it comes to employee training. Motimate Training makes sure your employees always have what it takes to perform optimally – easily accessible in their pocket.

Challenge yourself and your colleagues, and find training to provide you with the knowledge you need. Making great e-learning content has never been easier.

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- I experience Motimate as a very simplification from the e-learning platforms we have used before. Everyone can quickly learn to build content. The app is very user-friendly. Motimate has simply made training more fun
— Nathalie Rogne, DNB

Motimate Pulse

Pulse is an Enterprise Social Network that will make your everyday life at work easier and help you build a great culture within your organization.

Using Motimate Pulse employees can share successes, seek knowledge and learn from each other. Motimate Pulse will make it easy for you to stay in touch with everything going on - either in your department, your store, or the organization in general.

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Motimate is an intuitive and fun solution that makes information sharing and training more fun than “old-fashioned” e-learning.
— Per Henriksen Dingsør, HR and Communications Director, Jernia.


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